In this season of celebrating the joy of giving, LERETA is proud to partner with Operation Homefront to give back to military families who’ve sacrificed so much to ensure our freedoms. The LERETA Tax Grants program provides homeownership assistance to military veterans with one-time grants that pay their annual property taxes. The initiative is part of Operation Homefront’s Permanent Homes for Veterans program which provides mortgage-free homes to veterans who qualify and complete an intensive financial literacy and homeownership program.

After successful completion of the program, selected veterans receive the deed to the home, mortgage-free, and are eligible to receive a LERETA Tax Grant to pay one year of taxes. In 2023, LERETA has awarded eight Tax Grants to deserving military families across the country who teach us what being a true hero is all about.

Here are our 2023 LERETA Tax Grant Heroes:

  • Jeffery B. in Pennsylvania

Jeffery is a former sergeant who served more than 11 years active duty in the Army and is in his 5th year of serving as a member of the Army Reserves. His spouse also served 11 years in the Army National Guard. Jeffery was deployed to Iraq twice between 2006 and 2010 and to Afghanistan in 2011. They have two children. During the financial literacy program, they were able to pay off a significant amount of debt, making them ideal participants. “We were at a point where we were unsure of where to go and how we were going to make it. We now have finally been able to set down permanent roots and our children are thriving in their new school district,” said Jeffery.

  • Joshua W. in Oklahoma

Joshua served three years as an Army Specialist. He was deployed to Iraq, and, following his service there, received an Honorable Discharge. “The program has affected us in a positive way and helped us learn how to be more financially stable,” said Joshua. “This, in turn, has helped us be a better example for our kids and helped teach them so they do not have to learn later in life. This grant allowed us to take one item off the list and have less issues to focus on without worrying.”

  • Lacyndria C. in Arkansas

Lacyndria served eight years in the Army Reserves. She was deployed to Iraq and received an Honorable Discharge. “This program has educated me on how to be a responsible and successful homeowner,” said Lacyndria. “The LERETA grant is a tremendous blessing to help me continue my financial success by giving me an opportunity to save money and provide more financial flexibility for minor repairs and upgrades to my property.”

  • Ronald and Laura S. in North Carolina

Ronald served 10 years in the Marine Corps and was deployed to Iraq in 2008. His spouse, Laura, also served in the Marine Corps, serving for six years with deployment to Iraq in 2004. The family is so grateful to have been chosen to receive the LERETA tax grant which will allow them to continue putting money away to secure their future. “We can never express our gratitude for such a life changing blessing,” said Ronald.    

  • Jason S. in Connecticut

Jason served in the Army for nine years and was deployed to Iraq twice in 2006 and 2008. He also assisted in recovery and cleanup efforts at Ground Zero in NYC following 9/11. As a single parent, Jason continues to apply the financial skills he’s learned over the last few years, keeps a strict household budget and saves for both the home and emergencies. “I am deeply thankful to Operation Homefront and LERETA for this wonderful grant to help cover the cost of local property taxes,” said Jason. “The money saved will help contribute to my family’s ongoing savings goals.”

  • Jessica G. in New Jersey

Jessica served four years in the Marine Corps and five years in the Army Reserves, including active duty between 2008-2009 where she assisted with the war efforts in Iraq state side. She was honorably discharged in 2010. She is married and has three teenage/ young adult boys. Thanks to  the donation from LERETA, she hopes to start saving up for a new garage door and getting the home more energy efficient with a few upgrades. “I want to thank Operation Homefront and LERETA for this unexpected grant. You have all blessed us more than you can imagine. We are beyond grateful for everything,” said Jessica.

  • Kari S. in Texas

Kari served four years as a Navy Reservist from 2005 to 2009. She is a single parent of a son and two daughters. The Operation Homefront home she received enabled a newly divorced veteran to be closer to her mom and a tighter support system. “This grant will help relieve my financial stress,” said Kari. “I can put the money I save toward my children and toward my financial goals. Thank you so much! This means a lot to me and my family,” said Kari. 

  • Tamekia S. in South Carolina

Tamekia served three years in the Army and was honorably discharged in 2005. She is a single parent to a teenage boy and girl. “Owning a home was a far distant goal of mine that I never truly believed would come to pass,” said Tamekia. “The neighborhood is wonderful, and I have made so many new friends in this area. The LERETA donation is a huge help and will allow me to save more money for any future expenses. Thank you so much!”

Thank you to Operation Homefront for all that you do to support our military veterans and for giving LERETA the opportunity to share in the joy of honoring these heroes.

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