LERETAnet is getting a makeover that will provide you, the user, with a much more robust experience, and a User Interface (UI) that is more intuitive and easier to use. Your username and password will not change.

There is really nothing new to learn, aside from learning to navigate to the screens you are already used to using. In terms of functionality or how data is input or extracted, nothing has changed. There is a new organizational layout to direct users to familiar sections of the system.

Yes, nothing has changed in terms of functionality. The only thing you’ll see that is different is the look and feel of the website. We are confident you will like the changes we’ve made.
Yes. The website will work on all the major browsers including Edge, Mozilla, and Chrome. Internet Explorer (IE) will no longer be supported.
The changes will be available Monday, November 8th. LERETAnet will have scheduled downtime while we complete these updates. Expect access disruptions while we complete the updates over the weekend of November 5th. There will be no negative impact to your business.
Of course. If you or your staff need additional training, please contact your Account Manager or our Customer Care Team and they will get the details of the training you are requesting, and we’ll schedule training sessions as needed.

For questions regarding LERETAnet, please contact:

Customer Care Team: (888) 534-5283

Email: TAXCUSTCARE@lereta.com

Technical Support: (877) 377-4577

Flood Customer Care Team: (800) 676-1430

Email: FLOODCS@lereta.com

The new log-in page is just the beginning…

Click the image to look at some of the changes we’ve made.