National lender attracted to provider’s technology, expertise

POMONA, Calif., September 22, 2020 /Business Wire/ — New American Funding, a national mortgage lender and servicer, has selected LERETA for tax service. The Orange County, Calif.-based firm is privately owned and recognized as one of the nation’s top mortgage lenders that is building a foundation for continued growth.

New American Funding is joining the ranks of companies that are reviewing their third-party vendor relationships and making shifts to better align their growth with providers who have the expertise and technology to meet those needs.

“We had been talking to LERETA for some time and have been impressed with the company’s team and technology,” said Roger Stotts, EVP and Chief Servicing Officer at New American Funding. “After having worked with a different provider for many years, we were hesitant to make the move, but LERETA made the process and transition extremely easy for our team.”

New American Funding now has access to one of the tax industry’s newest and most innovative technology in LERETA’s Total Tax Solution® (TTS), a web-based platform designed to seamlessly integrate loan servicing systems and tax service data, to improve efficiency, accuracy and the transparency of tax service. The platform features dashboards, reporting, workflow management and built-in servicer guidelines for tax payment processing activities.

“We are really impressed with TTS,” said Lindsay Muniz, VP of loan administration at New American Funding. “The solution is extremely intuitive, and we are already seeing efficiency gains and service improvements.”

TTS also allows servicers to efficiently process a pre-cycle mini audit, automate tax payments and open items, conduct tax research and review delinquencies and payments.

“Our partnership with New American Funding gives the company a chance to increase transparency of its processes with the use of our technology,” said LERETA’s CEO John Walsh. “More than ever before, this is a time to take advantage of the efficiencies created by technology, and we are committed to bring those opportunities to the industry.”


Since 1986 LERETA has provided the mortgage industry with nationwide property tax and flood data services. LERETA is on a mission to increase servicer efficiency, reduce penalties and interest, and provide unparalleled service. Led by a team of industry experts, LERETA’s extraordinary service is based upon innovation, technology, and flexibility that will meet every customer’s unique needs.

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