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Fast and Accurate Real Estate Tax Service

Choose one or all of LERETA’s real estate tax services. We would also be happy to customize a solution to fit your business’ specific needs.

From basic to fully outsourced tax servicing, LERETA provides a full complement of fast and accurate real estate tax service options that include the initial set-up, monitoring, and reporting of real estate property tax information. We work with over 22,000 tax collectors nationwide to obtain the correct agency and tax identification numbers for a property, determine if there are any outstanding delinquent taxes, and obtain the tax amount to be paid if the loan is escrowed. Exceptions are cleared by LERETA and the information is reported in a timely manner for efficient processing by our customers.

LERETA's Real Estate Tax Service options include:

Total Tax Solutions™

  • Integrates real estate tax service data with lenders’ loan servicing system data to provide a single web-based interface for all tax-related processing

Tax Payment Processing

  • Acquires tax bills and amounts for all escrowed loans under service
  • Provides all tax information via electronic media to debit escrow accounts on the loan service system
  • Delivers tax payment checks and required media to agencies

Delinquent Tax Tracking

Tax Status Reporting

Tax Line Set-up

  • Processes customer input files and transmits tax line data electronically to the LPS MSP system

Tax Audit

  • Comprises a group of audits that analyze tax data on the lender’s loan service system. These audits correct and synchronize the lender’s new loans and portfolio loans with LERETA’s Tax Service System in accordance with the lender’s business rules.

Tax Outsourcing

real estate tax service

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